spirited away

The lino prints I've been nurturing lately have finally blossomed. Talk about a learning curve! First the lino debacle (sorted); the search for the perfect paper in a corner of France that has art shops that only cater for painters (lots of investigation required); to frame or not to frame (frame); water-based or oil based inks? (oil-based, messier but richer and glossier) Phew, with all these decisions to be made it's a miracle it all came together.
The B&B I created them for wanted work that reflected our local environment and nature. I kicked around with ideas in my sketchbook about dryads, animism and french folklore and ended up inventing my own, rather bizarre creatures inspired by hares, boar and deer in the hills and the swallows dive bombing you when you step outside your door. Oh yes, apple trees featured heavily too. Our village is Pomme Centre du Monde, you know.


  1. The effect is incredible, and I bet it was worth all the experimenting! I loved how your ideas about the local environment was interpreted into these cute creatures. I must say I'm quite inspired by all your effort lately...

    1. thank you Anna, I'm going through a rather productive phase right now, I'm sure it will pass :-)

  2. This is really beautiful.

  3. incredible!! you are an amazing artist :)

    (i will add though perhaps you have never heard of the film, that Spirited Away is an all time favorite anime of mine! so i was immediately intrigued by your blog post title!)

  4. Thank you Kris! Oh yes, SA is a big, big favourite chez Chaney, we've Miyazaki films galore!

  5. Your work is really incredible