new work

La Tête Avec Un Sourire/The Smiling Head


 Quartier Libre

Le Mensonge/The Lie

 Il Suffit


All of these were made in the last 2 months, formed on either bone or rock initially but then allowed to grow and evolve their own shape. I also worked only with french text this time, with the exception of 'Molloy'. That particular quote is one of my favourite Beckett texts. I was a bit of a latecomer to Beckett having previously found his work hard to grasp, but now I'm lapping his work up like a greedy dog. 
But that's another story for another day.


  1. Quartier Libre is my favorite - but they are all lovely and magical.
    Bisous, Stefanie

  2. OH my......simply lovely! I actually feel a lump in my throat and tears welling up as I look at these. xo

  3. ca va loin là, mais c'est bon !

  4. Stefanie, Prévert's work is wonderful…Quartier Libre probably my fave of all his paroles. I'm very glad you like it too!
    Carole, wow! How great they move you so much!
    Thank you so much little pink cakes!
    Pierre, merci beaucoup…je suis heureuse que tu les aime :)

  5. I love this concept, it's like literalising and exposing the mind. Wonderful work!