moving home

I've not been here for a long time. Black-eyed Angel has been my internet home since way back in 2009 when I started it out of idle curiosity about this blogging thing everyone was into. But it's just not been the right fit for me, since maybe even a couple of years and it had become messy and uninspired.

But to be honest I’ve missed keeping writing about my work and life, and so I've made a new start with blogging, and you can find me here. I shall keep this old one published as an archive.

See you in my new home!




This recent roll of film was the last in my freezer stash of Solaris, that was made for the colours and light round here. If you hear of any going spare...

{Mamiya DSX/Ferrania Solaris 200}


Start the day

While the rest of the world was yawning and stretching and making the coffee, I went with Luna down to the river. The need to take off my shoes, feel the rough stones underneath and the icy cold water tripping over my feet, watching the tiny fish nibble, dart and collide. A stone reminded me of a precious and privileged experience - the incredible cave paintings we recently saw. These were not mock-ups, but the original pre-historic paintings in the caves at Niaux. Only 20 visitors allowed, we walked through deep and sometimes vertiginous caverns of stalagmites and stalactites with nothing but the light of our handheld torches to guide us to the paintings of bison and horses. I wish I could show you, but then again, to not photograph but to just be in the moment, made it feel so very special.