breathing space

I've just found lurking on my hard drive some photographs taken way back in April and forgotten about in the drama of the last few weeks. So I'm planning on spending the next little while sorting and uploading photographs; updating my website; giving my flickr the kiss of life; opening my shop and most importantly beating my house and garden into order. 

My show went really well. It was a record amount of visitors for me and it was a really valuable experience, not just financially. Unlike many shows where you only get to mingle at the private view, shows like these give you a great opportunity to meet people and talk about your work (in French! argh!) and understand who really responds well or feel affected in some way and who just really doesn't get it or like it. I've decided my sculpture is very much like Marmite, and that pleases me. Nothing is worse than ambivalence. Of course the vagina comments were pretty regular, twice they were called ashtrays and I got a long, boring lecture from someone who felt I really should get with it and start using a digital camera as film is so old-fashioned. Sigh. Plus, having a rather French-looking name gives me chance to listen in on the English speakers who assume I am French, highly entertaining I tell you.
I have had to pull out of the next exhibition I had lined up, but I honestly think that I would have ended up rocking in a dark corner if I pushed myself to do it. I really need to calm down for a while and I have other, less demanding projects to keep me busy.
In other news, Harry is making an excellent recovery. He has another hospital visit tomorrow which should be the last for a while, but sadly he had to cancel a visit to see his parents this weekend as apparently punctured lungs and pressurised cabins are not a good mix. 


  1. you had a show?! i wish i could have been there. you are a talented gal!

    i did end up getting the canon ae-1. i wish i had a manual for it. ; )

    i am thinking of you.

  2. Thank you, Christina you are very kind!
    As for your canon ae-1, I'm testing shooting one at the moment…and you can get the manual for free here

  3. I am so happy that your show went well. People are sometimes funny and say funny things. Unfortunately. So you have to live. It is important that you stand for what you do and you like it, what you do.
    And I'm very happy that your husband is feeling better. A long trip is probably not so good - he prefers to rest for a while.

    I love the photo of the pig.:)

  4. congrats on your show - you rock!!
    next one in paris? :)

  5. So pleased it went well, especially after all that happened just before!! Sad that Harry can't make it, but I'm sure it'll happen at some point :) More importantly, he's on the mend!! xxxx

  6. A late entrant to the commentary - but it's nice to read that the show went well (how on earth did you pull it off?) and that harry is home and mending. A big fright and a scare, but good to know he is and recovering. I love the marmite (for us vegemite) connection - so true. My work is so niche I know only few people will get it - it's wonderful when they do, and you just let the others go through...best wishes for the next little while.

  7. I'm glad to read that Harry is recovering well! And I am also very happy for you, that the exhibition went so well. Congratulations!

    Although I can imagine that it was quite exhausting! I think it is right that you pulled off the next exhibition if you don't feel really strong enough for it at the moment. Sometimes this is necessary to be able to come back with new strength and new energy.