stacks and stashes…

Jennifer asked other artist's to share the stacks and stashes of material in their studios. And so here's a peek at some of the things surrounding my table, although less stack-like and more piles of stuff...

 Eggshells; broken, brown, speckled and smooth that eventually become nests, crow feathers with a wonderful blue/black sheen found at the murder scene…

…broken pocket watches and plastic Spanish bulls that I know will one day become something amazing, I just haven't worked out what yet…

…and of course, bones, skeletons and skulls. So many reasons I collect these. Their innate beauty, the delicacy and strength, the inspiration they provide, my morbid fascination.
Please do share your stacks and stashes too... 


  1. Quite an intriguing collection! Thanks for joining in the fun.

  2. wonderful!
    I too
    collect bones, bugs and found wings...

    xox - eb.

  3. Spanish bulls......not sure I have seen these any more, do you still get them there? I'd love to see what you eventually do with these, as I have a small collection also, and a gold one some where!! Great collection, by the way!! What is the last one?

  4. it always intrigues me - the things we collect and what that reveals about us as a person.
    mine always tend towards things found in nature. as a child i used to collect grass. jam jars on my windowsill full of different kinds of grasses. and dead bees and flies in old soap boxes. these days i gather stones, shells, leaves, feathers
    and regret that last week i did not pick up the tiny white egg shell found broken beneath a tree.

    i love your watches. i am drawn to their symbolism and intricate inner beauty.

  5. Thank you Jennifer for the rallying call!
    eb, beauty after death is so compelling
    Deb, it's a baby bird washed down the gutter after heavy rainfall
    wwwyk, the natural objects just seem to speak to us. And yes, I completely agree about the pocket watches. They almost need leaving well alone as they are so perfect as they are.

  6. What a fascinating set of collections. I wonder so much what you will make of them! Especially the beautiful bones. I'm not sure why I still have this feeling of sadness and fear when I see them. I'd love to see art where I'd had to work to overcome that feeling. Maybe I'll have to go to Mexico on day of the dead or something like that :)

  7. I guess the sadness and fear stems from the grim reminder that is how we all end up…but the thing is to try and turn that around and see them more as an affirmation of life. Exactly as the Mexican's do!

  8. Suzie, I love this post! You have a wonderful collection of stacks and stashes.