these foolish things

I've got lots to talk about today! I'm going to get it all out in one lump as I am a bit busy for the next week with a Christmas Fair, and may on may not get much blog time,  hmm...we'll see.
Firstly let me show you these. It's another one of my long stories so I'll be brief, but I have had for many, many years an Olympus OM10, which served me pretty well. A few years ago the shutter started to get really sticky so I stopped using it. Last month I dug it out and the Mr said he reckoned he could fix the problem. I loaded it with film and I couldn't resist taking Milla and the dog to our local lake. You know, don't you? The one that is great for swimming in during the summer, the live music evenings etc......*goes off dreaming about the summer*....

Well, in winter it's completely different. It is a man made lake, they had cut down a woodland to make it and in autumn when the lake gets drained the old tree trunks become exposed. Where the mud around the roots has been washed away these old stumps are an absolute joy to my sculptor's eyes. Yes, indeed they are yet another idea on my cranial back burner. *strokes beard*
So when I had shot the film and took it out it was a Lloyds Pharmacy film (any Brits know anything about it?) and woefully expired. But I quite like the very blue and grainy texture of these pics. And at least I know the camera works just fine and dandy. As a P.S. it was very amusing to see the pics that were already on the camera: tyre marks in the grass and a good old english car boot sale!


Also I have been tagged by the lovely Lisa over at Pennycones
I have to list 10 Things About Me, so here goes;

I'm going to make this list quite honest, with a few light bits thrown in.

I rarely cry properly, mist over a fair bit but not real tears. But I cried about 9 times during the course of this summer. Big gushing sobs.

I used to have a phobia about snakes until I moved to France, now I quite like them. I hate bats now.

I've moved around a lot and have learnt to not get too attached to people, as a result I don't have lots of friends. The few I have are much adored.

I loathe facebook/twitter/etc and don't do social networking. Apart from flickr. And blogging.

My youngest daughter Milla was born at home in my bedroom after a 20 minute labour.

Since being diagnosed with depression, I am happy to say I have been free from taking medication for 10 years. Art (amongst other things) continues to help me manage the condition.

I have 4 siblings, the Mr has 6. We've got 22 nieces and nephews between us.

I fancy very tall, very skinny, dark haired men with glasses. However, when the gay bomb goes off I want to be standing between PJ Harvey and Audrey Tautou.

I have a plastic Buzz Lightyear in my car which I've had since 4 cars ago. My car is a Citro├źn, it has a broken ignition and has to be started with a rigged-up lightswitch.

So basically, I'm going to tag anyone who wants to take part, I'm interested in everyones lists and don't want to limit it!


  1. WOW!

    Thanks so much for fitting the time in for all this before your fair.

    Well, for one, your pictures have come out great. That place looks and sounds surreal and your daughter is so stunning.

    I loved your list and how you have been so candid. I kinda feel I wanna do my list again and throw in some more personal things in there. Next time maybe.

    Good luck with the fair Suzie.

  2. good luck at the fayre fairlady
    my fridge is full of expired film ~ it's a gamble but spiralled through my yash it sometimes makes everything look like the 70's
    I have a plastic DeeDee in my little fiat500
    as for tears ~ it must be our age coz the Simpsons made me cry the other day ... either that or I'm bats

  3. ...when the gay bomb goes off I want to be sandwiched between you and chocolategirl (if you write the next comment I will be!) you'll make me laugh and she'll keep me well fed.

    Brilliant post, I laughed till tea came out of my nose~

    Lloyds Pharmacy=crap chemist

    Like I said to my sister only yesterday
    hurrah~at least we'll have each other~
    let's have a threesome peri-menopausal blog (if we're not already)

  4. Lisa, I decided to use it as an opportunity to 'fess up a few bits to my new friends. Notice I didn't say aquaintances!
    And Choc, it's about time you posted up some pics of the now legendary fiat, taken praps with expired film in that lovely yash

    how can I resist sandwiching you Lou between me n Choc! Grope-a-rama!
    God, I hope it's not the menopause, I'm not sure I'm through with babies yet, although I won't be buying nappies from Lloyds Pharmacy then!

  5. Thank you for all your beautiful honesty - I know you a lil' better now!

  6. It was really great learning more about you tonight. And your photography is lovely. I have a phot box full of film I've yet to develop. Ugh!

    Good luck at the fair! :)

  7. Fabulous post. Great photos. The lake around the corner does look very desolate and empty now. But I agree, almost a magical place to take photos.

    Might do a little post like this on my own blog.

  8. alas little Tyntyn *that is his name* is wearing his winter pyjamas to keep him snug for the winter
    when skies are bluer and I wake him up ~ promise I'll capture his cappuccino curves with my yasharino

    when is it my turn to be in the middle?

  9. I'm really struck by the similarities in your life and mine ( artist, vegetarian, the home birth,children of similar age (methinks) attitude to twitter and facebook , and spookily right down to the fact that your lovely dog lola looked really like our dog biddie now too in doggy heaven ( theres a picture link to her on my blog today)
    I however cry like a baby A LOT ! really nice to make your aquaintance

  10. I loved this post. Made me smile. Which is more fun than crying most of the time....
    P.S. post meno-pause and I didn't cry - I was irritated. Often. I got over it.