good to be back

Just in case anyone noticed I was missing, we've been away for a few days staying with Ma & Pa in Charente (Up North).
Amongst eating, drinking, some more eating, snacking, sundowners (with nibbles) and a bit more eating I did manage to see a pretty good art exhibition in the Chateau de Montbron.
I really liked the work by photographer Juliana Musitelli.

Since I got home and had a good old look at her website, I decided I like these images even more.
They remind me a bit of the drawing I did of Alice stuck in the White Rabbit's house.
apportez-moi mes gants, tout de suite!

Also, they have very cute acorns 'up north'. Especially when they still have their little hats on. They remind me of a programme they all loved when they were little called Oakey Doake. I miss seeing them lying on the ground in autumn.
little acorns

Oooh, and slightly exciting news: you know my post about cleaning up my workspace?
Well, it has been featured here on Akane Designs

Of course it's still spotlessly tidy
*nose grows*

and finally pinch punch/no returns! Haha, got you!


  1. I enjoyed the link - but what you wrote about your space was so enjoyable...mine is all clean and tidy now, too! (Not!)

  2. Love those photos and the Alice drawing.


  3. I used to *and if I'm honest still do" love squeezing myself into crannies, windowsills and cupboards
    I can't fit under my bed sadly
    of course we missed you ~ but in the knowledge that you'd be back with some fine things to share

  4. glad you liked the link Leslie:)
    thanks Pennycones!
    and choc, long time gone since I could squeeze into a cranny!

  5. I love these photos. Such a creative use of space and gravity and how we approach it, or normally don't approach it. So cute!