from start to finish

This is how my little nests begin...

Hatched from eggs. Actually this has been a lot slower since I became vegan as the 2 egg eaters in the family don't eat enough, so I'm now out-sourcing from friends. Once the first layer of plaster has been poured over I can start to build up the layers with paper, fine scrim and more plaster, finding form and texture to the outsides as I work. The top right shows how they are once I break the eggshells. I love this part...it's the point where I know if they have been successful or not. Sometimes the text is completely illegible, or has wandered off somewhere, lost in too many creases and crumples.
The bottom picture shows them after they have been left to cure, then carefully sanded and burnt away until I'm happy enough to wax and seal them.

This batch I'm really happy with, they have beautiful poetry from Jacques Prévert's "Histoires". I scored me a 1963 copy with a great Brassaï collage on the cover for 30 cents! I know right?! They were also the last typing I did on the Olivetti before Joe whisked it away from me. Sad face. My usual typewriter has much fatter and taller type, I love the delicacy of his much more plus the fact that it's a bit wonky is so charming.
These ones will be coming with me to La Fête de la Sculpture in Caunes Minervois this weekend (please pop by if you are in the area.) When I get back I will be putting them in my shop.