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high summer

One time a few years ago there was a sheer white cliff
so high and it curved inwards
so you couldn't see the bottom
but you could see the waves as they smashed into it
and licking the salt water from your lips

the feeling of peering over the edge as you lie flat on your stomach
a mix of fear and excitement
you could so easily fall off, or jump off, but as long as you stay close to the ground you are safe

My beloved Spotmatic is being repaired and I feel a little odd
on this trip I tried again to use the canon, but I still dislike it and have abandoned it for good
So for now, I'm going back to my old cameras and learning to appreciate them again

I understand that if I try to make anything in my studio right now
I will feel frustrated, hot, sour

so much better to submerge and invest time instead
with those we love the most
and not to be a spectatator to my own life

My blog turned 3 silently
not borne out of laziness or unmotivation
but something much more confusing…

...just hold in your breath
till you come back up in full…

(Pentax Spotmatic/Ilford Pan F & Canon AE-1/Kodak Portra 160)


  1. Thank you for your thoughts and your links- all make for enjoyable and sensible reading. Go well

  2. I am waiting for your Spotmatic to be back in shape and for you to get some time to feel living and not as a spectator of life. It think analog photography has learned me to slow down this way.....It's good to be a spectator, but not all the time...

  3. And these sites are exquisite!

  4. Thank you Fiona, I wish you well too :)
    Anna, it being well cared for…but the bill is a little frightening :) I agree that shooting analog requires more effort, and so you are less likely to document everything arbitrarily.

  5. Happy birthday to your blog! The photos are lovely; I feel as though I am there. I love watching the waves crash against cliffs.

  6. Thank you Junaluska! The power of the sea is always fascinating isn't it?

  7. oh, I am loving your photos ...
    ebb and flow

  8. Hello Suzie,
    I just found your blog and its a lovely special place to be.
    And your creations are more than beautiful.

  9. beautiful pictures, leading me to another time somewhere I have never been...
    have a god week!
    X Stefanie

    1. Thank you Stefanie, have a good week too!

  10. Hello, I wonder if you could tell me what type of film you use for your camera and where you get it developed. I have one and have to figure out how to use it. Many thanks. Mary Ellen

    1. Hi Mary Ellen, I used lots of different cameras and lots of different films! These shots above were taken with a Canon AE-1/Kodak Portra 160 and a Pentax Spotmatic/Ilford Pan F50. I use a either a local lab in Carcassonne or a mail order lab in the UK for colour developing and I do all my b&w photos myself. Enjoy your camera, a lot of the fun is experimentation and finding out what gives you the results you like. Good luck!

  11. That second shot is glorious darling.

    1. lovely to have you back, darling! x

  12. Dear Suzi,

    the pictures are gorgeous, beautiful. The landscape is unique. I wish I lived by the sea. What a feeling it must be to wake up in the morning and smell the salty air of the sea and to hear the waves rushing?

    Your blog are 3 years? That's great - Happy Birthday! I hope for many more blog years.:)


    P.S. I have been home to postcards, for you, is not only written. But I promise you, this week I put it in the mailbox!

  13. Hi Kristin! I agree with you…I used to live right by the sea and I miss it very, very much now :(

    Look forward to you postcard!

  14. were these photos taken in aude? reminded me a lot about my time at the south of france. le sigh. ;)

  15. aah….no, they aren't in aude but taken further along the coast near Marseille. le sigh indeed...

  16. lovely shots suzie! they make me long for the cote d'azur :)
    happy 3 years!!!

  17. Thank you Anne, 3 years just flew by :)
    Thank you Camila!

  18. Happy 3 !!!
    Hey, , this is cassis and Port-Miou !-)
    I was there today ...

  19. Replies
    1. I forgot to tell you, I love the new visual of your blog (yes, it's been a while i was not around here...).
      Andwhat's happening with you & your blog ?
      I have troubles with mine too !!!

    2. thank you Pascale…but you know, I'm thinking of changing it again!
      I have been finding thoughts and words very difficult for a while…and I wanted to spend my summer with my family and not on the internet.
      mais, la rentrée est très proche et la vie continue … *soupir*

  20. Wonderful, deep post with wonderful, deep pictures. Thank you!

    PS: *whispers* Happy 3rd Birthday!