la mer

One of my greatest loves is the sea. 

I used to live by the rough and windswept Norfolk coast. I would lie in bed at night and hear the North Sea smashing against the cliffs; in high winter tides sometimes the house would shake. It is possibly the only non-human element I miss about England.

And then there are those crashing Atlantic breakers; a bodyboard, woops and thrills, unrestrained joy.

Since coming to live here I discovered a new joy. Under the water, floating, searching, chasing fishes, the dappled light patterns below and above, listening to my breath through the snorkel. 

How does a girl like me survive the next few months? Please don't tell me to find an indoor swimming pool........the idea alone fills me with dread.


  1. the only thing i can think of is: take lots of pictures of the sea!

    p.s.: thanks for visiting my place and commenting! :)

  2. écouter le bruit des vagues sur CD et regarder jouer les reflets du soleil sur l'eau de tes photos...

  3. Incredibly beautiful photos! I'd say you've gone a long way towards surviving the next few monthes by capturing these!!! Just gorgeous.

  4. Beautiful, joyous photos! And if you're looking for underwater feelings, visit an aquarium. It's not the same as swimming in the wild, but looking at the jellyfish, starfish and other creatures has a similar vibe.

  5. i like the one of the girl jumping out of the water. it's so young, vibrant, and full of life. lovely!

  6. oh me too. i grew up by the sea in devon and i'm always drawn back to water. living by the thames in london is the next best thing for now :)