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Praktica PM3/Solaris 200

Do you, like me, ever feel that you never get the opportunity to lose yourself? Mostly I'm never alone. Well, except during the day while everyone is at school/work, but that's different. I'm always working, or doing something for the good of the family. When I go out, it's nearly always with at least one other person. Very rarely I get to be all on my ownsey, and then it's to go shopping, or meet someone; always en route, always with a deadline. The closest I usually get to 'me' time (I hate that expression!) is walking the dog, but that's generally done when there is a small window of opportunity between other crap that needs doing and my mind is usually full of that crap that needs doing.
Saturday was really warm, and I had that rare chance. I had to go to look at a venue, en route to a meeting, after which I had to go to Carcassonne to pick up Joe. You know, the usual drill.
When I came out of the meeting Joe had left a message on my voicemail that he would be an hour later than we had planned.
'Not worth going home first' I think to myself 'Haha! Have cameras (3) check. Have sketchbook, check. Have coins in purse, check'
Carcassonne is so familiar, but we always go to the same places. This time I parked the car in a part of the city I've not been and just walked. Like many French towns and cities, it is built on a grid, so it would be impossible to get really lost. It was the best fun, I tell you. Warm evening sun and a wander. I went into an artist's atelier; some very strange shops, one full of Moroccan food, cookware and smells, another full of decorations where you can sit and have tea; an empty church; an Amnesty International book sale; a chocolaterie. All the time looking, snapping, scribbling, soaking it all up and not having to chat to a companion or think about anything, just be in the moment. Peering in open windows, trying doors, listening to music, snatches of conversations.
When I found Joe, we sat and had a cold beer and a people watch. Heaven.


  1. Sounds wonderful!
    I think travel helps.
    I'm alone most of the time but I'm virtually connected body-computer. It is exaggerated; I could spend less time online and I think if I would, time would slow down a bit, but all of a sudden I need someone's address, need to check something, need to write for the art society etc and there is no point in writing with a pen first so I type instead, and then the computer is already on, and I need to check something or I wait for a super important e-mail which I really really want to read straight away....

  2. There is no need to search far and wide, just go down the road less travelled to see anew...
    Cannae wait to see the images *taps foot back*
    book sale would do it for me

  3. I'm so glad you found a moment. It sounds perfect!

  4. a chocolaterie cherie?

  5. i love being on my own like that...though sometimes feel guilty for it , I think that'd have been the one time i'd have not brought the camera so you were very well organised. sounds like you'd the very best of both worlds, love the cold beer at the end.....looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labours....

    psst....i've been accumulating boxes like mise has been accumulating bonne mamma jars....the little ones with the glass are from ikea , the others had bottles of wine in them .....

  6. That sounds fantastic! xx

  7. Sounds like a great time! I agree about time being filled with all sorts of things, and not having the time to take for yourself. It's really important and usually helps you be more productive anyway! Can't wait to see the pictures.. :-)

  8. My kinda day Suzie. My kinda day. Looking forward to the photos.

  9. People watching with a cold beer, words to live your life by.