girl, interrupted

For a while now I've been tumbling over my own feet, my thoughts and my actions with no clear path. I'm feel like I'm in limbo and must recharge my batteries. I need to contemplate what my goals are. I need to get out of a rut and create new habits. Most of all I need to spend time with my family and my dear friends, to enjoy the summer and to live in the moment.
Tomorrow I'm taking a trip to Marseille for a few days and when I return I will go on an internet hiatus. For how long I've no idea, but I often struggle with writing, tweeting or updating my status. Does a swim in the lake become more enjoyable if I tell my keyboard? Most of all the good things in life happen because of the real, tangible, imperfect world and not the virtual one. How can the butterfly effect exist in a digital environment? It simply can't, and I need to allow for these possibilities, for good or bad. It's a scary thought that when I do decide to come back you will have vanished into thin air, but sometimes we have to take that leap off the diving board, eyes closed and anyway, I've always been nuts.


spirited away

The lino prints I've been nurturing lately have finally blossomed. Talk about a learning curve! First the lino debacle (sorted); the search for the perfect paper in a corner of France that has art shops that only cater for painters (lots of investigation required); to frame or not to frame (frame); water-based or oil based inks? (oil-based, messier but richer and glossier) Phew, with all these decisions to be made it's a miracle it all came together.
The B&B I created them for wanted work that reflected our local environment and nature. I kicked around with ideas in my sketchbook about dryads, animism and french folklore and ended up inventing my own, rather bizarre creatures inspired by hares, boar and deer in the hills and the swallows dive bombing you when you step outside your door. Oh yes, apple trees featured heavily too. Our village is Pomme Centre du Monde, you know.


new work

La TĂȘte Avec Un Sourire/The Smiling Head


 Quartier Libre

Le Mensonge/The Lie

 Il Suffit


All of these were made in the last 2 months, formed on either bone or rock initially but then allowed to grow and evolve their own shape. I also worked only with french text this time, with the exception of 'Molloy'. That particular quote is one of my favourite Beckett texts. I was a bit of a latecomer to Beckett having previously found his work hard to grasp, but now I'm lapping his work up like a greedy dog. 
But that's another story for another day.



I had to go back to the forgotten garden...

 This time it was a hot afternoon.
Up there you can't hear the traffic down below. Silence, apart from the singing of birds and buzzing of insects.
Dappled light, rusted metal, crumbling stone and decaying wood.
Just me.
{Pentax Spotmatic/Kodak Ektar}


new work

Being the awkward person I am, I was not very happy when the lino blocks I ordered turned out to be not the deliciously textured, hessian backed slabs of toffee I'm used to, but this latest grey coloured vinyl.
Still, I set to work with the radio blaring and a big pot of tea
Actually, it's lovely to cut; the tools carve like a knife through butter without blunting. So I grumpily told myself that it would probably make horrible prints though, as I gloopily rollered out the ink. A sound, texture and smell that is just heavenly and transports me back to happy student days.

I tried out a variety of papers. Above is a print on Arches aquarelle paper that worked beautifully, as did the cheap and cheerful paper nicked from Romy's sketchbook and a cotton handmade Japanese paper.
Personally, I prefer to leave plenty of grooves and gouge marks in my block...


more nests

At my exhibition, my little nest series proved to be very popular…I came home with only four left. Due to cancelling the next exhibition I had lined up, I'm tossing around the idea of opening up on etsy. It certainly would seem easier than going it alone on my website, but etsy still isn't that very well known in France and many art collectors here are wary of joining the site and of using paypal too. But hey, it's a big old world out there….