what I'm working on

These little drawings have been on my table for weeks; of horses swimming underwater that have been in need of doing something with, but what that something was eluded me. I was imagining what these creatures would be like if their bodies were supported by water, and they had total freedom to move in any way. On top of that I've been re-reading Alice in Wonderland. Today I worked them into an idea for a new book, Pool Of Tears, combining them with torn tissue, watercolour and stitches.

Can I just mention I was thrilled to be interviewed by lovely Anca over on her beautiful blog To Live Poetry, and my work has been featured on the excellent Street Anatomy site too.


movin' on

If you come round here often, you may have noticed that lately I've not been sharing much of my photography. Actually, it's not lost on me either that many readers who enjoyed looking at my photos don't pop by anymore, since my blog evolved into a more diverse but still art-y one.
Allow me to explain.
Now, this photograph to date has had over 240 people fave it on flickr; 1,400+ have reblogged it on tumblr and I really have no idea how many other places it is now. And to be honest, I don't much care. **As a side note, I used to get in such a flap about being credited, but there are definitely more important things to worry about. Although the people who manipulate my photographs or add some crappy quote on top of them really annoy me. C'est la vie.**
So why has 'Grey's Anatomy' captured these imaginations? Much as I'd like to think otherwise, it's most likely because of the title. I had no idea when I named it that this was a popular US TV show. On the flipside, the vast majority of the people who have liked/re-blogged/pinned it have absolutely no idea of my 'meaning and intent'. {That's a phrase I have stolen from one of my former Breezies (thank you Graham) and it sums up perfectly what I am compelled for my photography to have. But I digress.}
So 'Grey's Anatomy' was one of a body of work I exhibited in 2010 and personal take on hands and feet; how they empower us, how incredibly complex they are and how we take them for granted. At no point did it have anything at all to do with a TV programme.
However, I am very proud of the photograph for several reasons: the context, the composition, the light and the soft blue/lilac tones. I am not proud of it because of it's popularity, that's neither here nor there. That makes me sound a little arrogant but I must remember not to get swept along by it and lose something important.
I have taken some truly terrible photographs over the last three years. Pictures totally lacking in any sort of validity that I took purely because I knew they would be rewarded with that pink star on flickr over and over. As a result I have now pruned my flickr down severely, slinging out anything that lacks that authenticity. I have also made the decision that I will share on my blog film photography that I feel deserves to be shown. Equally, I have done much work I'm very proud of, that frequently goes under the radar and no-one really notices. But this type of work when it does get noticed by someone who really get's it, or is in someway moved or repulsed even by the image, that means so very, very much more to me.
I have been so focussed on that need to have meaning in my other forms of art, yet I sometimes allowed my photographs to be derivative and well, quite frankly meaningless. What a prat.
I love this photograph: it has a narrative, a quiet simplicity and is beautifully lit. But because it was untitled instead of being called 'House' or something, it never got noticed.
Daft innit? Or am I just taking myself too seriously? I do that.



For the last three months Baby, my little Yashica ME, has been stuffed with a loaded roll of extremely expired, extremely cheap and nasty film in the bottom of my bag. You know, just for those emergencies when you see something cool but you didn't bring a decent camera. So this is a real méli-mélo of things I saw while outing and abouting during the winter.
From top: ducks on the River Aude; the lake at Montbel with the snowy Pyrenees in the distance; circus tents/circus pony spotting in Carcassonne (not because I approve of such things, I can assure you); the wind creating art herself; the Occitan flag in Limoux.


felt good

The other day I spent some time being taught feltmaking by my friend Natalie.
She showed me both dry needle-felting and wet felting techniques and gave me lots of helpful information about dyeing with vegetable and plant dyes. I left her with a headful of inspiration for combining felt with my plaster forms. I do so love the contradiction of the hard and soft, the smooth and the textured and I have a good feeling about this. I also left with tons of eggs from her husband (not that he laid them personally, he just has very productive hens) and with my arms full of sheep's wool, some of which is beautifully soft merino, mordant, a needle and no excuses not to get on with it have a good old experiment.
By the way, I've decided Luna must have some collie blood in her; she went completely nuts when she smelt the bags of unwashed wool, I half expected her to start herding them up.


what I'm working on

these are 2 of the 'in progress' things I posted on my facebook page earlier this week. Both of these are sculptures I've never been happy with and keep returning to over and over, the one of the left has especially been driving me mad. This is how it was on Monday morning☝. I originally started it about 18 months ago but since then I've tried re-working it over and over. Now it looks like this:

The original ideas relating to birds eggs sort of got hijacked as it became more and more like a skull, and the text reminds me of the sutures on a cranium. I'm still not sure it will stay this way.
The other one hasn't really changed too much, and I'm happy with it….

and I also {finally} completed this too.

So free from the distractions of having a car, hot water and coffee (my water heater and coffee maker have both blown-up this week) I've been super productive. Fingers of fire, oh yeah!