spots and stripes

Spotty horses and stripey big tops. I was in heaven.
{Pentax Spotmatic/Rollei Retro 400s}


A Sense Of Time

How neglectful of me. I completely forgot to say that Sea Of Tranquility and Time That You Love where selected for A Sense Of Time, a juried exhibition currently showing at Artspace in Lincolnshire, UK. If you just happen to be in the area, it's on until 3rd March and please go for me as I won't be able to make it.


Powering through


 Pentax Spotmatic/Rollei Retro 400S

The freezing temperatures are set to rise next week. In the meantime I get by with short burst of dog walking, lots of eating, tea drinking, music and working on a new book.



This is what happens when you've been housebound for days and start to go slightly mad.
1. You fish out a camera you've never used before, not even knowing if it works.
2. A quick rummage in the fridge and you find an expired roll of Solaris colour film.
3. You go out in heavy snow.
4. You soup the film in b&w developer that's been sitting in the canister for weeks with absolutely no idea of how long the developer needs.
5. You are thrilled with the results.