I came across a roll of exposed negatives in a charity shop. When I scanned them later I was delighted to find these candid wedding photographs, probably from the late 60s here in Aude. The person taking these, not the official photographer told the true story; the one that actually celebrated that day. The body language and the expressions give so much. I wish I could find the bride and give these back to her.


everyday is like sunday

Southend-On-Sea. Grey skies and a filter over the sun. Faded former glories, quaint and eccentric Englishness…..

Inside my head I am thinking of the line: the coastal town they forgot to close down. In January everything is shut until the season gets in full swing. Bolted doors, padlocked fun parks….

the beauty and the ugliness

and some delightful splashes of colour. Not to mention excellent chips with a cup of tea. Hair dangled in it is optional.


for my father

Do you remember this book I was working on for my Dad, that I said I would share on my return?
I was reluctant to show it before in the unlikely chance he dropped by here…I have a feeling none of my family stop by actually. (If any of you do, let me know!)
He loved it, by the way.

It is always of interest to me how other artists work, and for me I find these days I rarely keep an actual sketchbook as such. Oh yes, I collect images that I pin on my studio wall or my computer and sometimes thumbnail out an idea but I prefer to allow pieces to evolve and take on a life of their own. I realise this is probably an appalling inefficient way of working and if it's true that time is money then no wonder I'm that typical struggling artist. But I find that things keep changing constantly because I have no final vision and I have to allow that to flow and unfold as I work. For me the process is the most enjoyable part of creating.
Although I don't keep a traditional sketchbook, I do scrawl notes either in my sketchbook, often as mind maps or larger maps and spider diagrams I can stick on the wall that I can add too. It's not unknown for me to leap out of bed in the night and scribble on one.

I am delighted to be interviewed here about my film photography, so if you want to know how I work in that way too go take a look.


the glorious land

I am back from my short visit to England. It was quite odd after more than 4 years absence from the country I grew up in. There are times when England feels so foreign; the day to day things I take for granted, the daily signposts and triggers of my adopted country are a bigger than I realised. I took Milla with me, she was only 7 when we left so for her it was very unfamiliar and rather exciting.
Spending time with my family as we celebrated Dad's birthday was very special to both of us. It's funny how with your own flesh and blood you can just slot straight back in as if you just saw each other yesterday, sharing silly jokes, arguing about music and generally taking the mickey.
While in London we met up with the beautiful femme chocolat

 …..swung by St Pauls and Occupy London…...
….went to Tate Modern…….

 …..and got somewhat blown away by the sheer scale of Tacita Dean.

all Pentax Spotmatic/Fujifilm 400