Wishing you all the warmest of wishes for the holidays.
Joyeuses FĂȘtes!


I love shooting black and white in winter. The shapes are more defined, the outlines more solid and the contrast a little softer. In so many ways I am finding colour doesn't suit my mood right now. My art seems to be guiding me towards neutral and natural tones and I always want to be wearing black or grey.
I have got a huge crush on the film photography on flickr taken in Eastern Europe, there is something about the muted colour, airy atmosphere and the light of the sky. Does anyone have (I'm on a budget here) colour film recommendations before I slip into a monochrome stupor?

Carcassonne/Pentax Spotmatic/Agfa APX100



These photos were taken at night in the freezing cold. Me in a big coat with a tripod by the roadside must have looked very odd to the passing drivers. I think it was worth the trouble.
Today I will be picking my man-child up from the train station as he comes home for christmas, and while we wait for him we will drink a vin chaud and then ride the big wheel. I love this time of year.


Kitsch? Probably. Shamefully nostalgic? Perhaps. Delightful and joyous. Definitely.
But ever since I stopped living with my parents I've wanted a white tree and and mercury glass baubles. I've finally found them all.
I declare Christmas officially open.


books, books, books

I've been invited to exhibit some of my artist's books at the library in the town of Lavelanet. I was given just one week to organise myself; easy enough I thought, the books already exist. But do you sometimes feel that older works sometimes need a bit of a fiddle with? From the time they were originally made to the point I'm at now there have been many new skills learnt, experiences (hmmm) experienced, I've gained a new mac, better scanner, better printer and a studio. So although I was happy with the illustrations, design and content I wanted to tweak them here and there. Big mistake! Got a cold, ran out of printer ink and the right sort of paper and bookbinding thread. Thank you, fate…...
Ah well, got there in the end by the skin of my teeth.