Another new camera

This morning I received a roll of film from Monica through the post. As part of our ongoing 45N61W project, I have to shoot over the top of her photos…..I won't tell you what the theme is just yet. So I think I may use this Mamiya camera to do it. I found it recently in a junk shop, filthy dirty and piled up with a load of rubbish on top. 
I got it home, took it apart, cleaned it and oiled it and replaced the seals and shot a test roll. The original intention had been to sell it on, but I think it's looking like a keeper. 



*** Let me start by saying a big thank you for the kind comments on my last post ***

Moving onwards. My cameras are not getting used quite so much lately as I have been busy, busy, busy working out so many other ideas in my head. Feelings that need to be interpreted, objects that just need to be made, books to be created, small seeds of ideas that I just work through and see where they end up.
I am still enjoying experimenting with paper, gauze and plaster built up in layers and burnt. These little pieces were all literally hatched; moulded on broken eggshells.

Luna update: She has settled in really well and has planted her paws quite firmly under the table. Our house was full and noisy all weekend plus Joe was home (hence the noisy) and she took it all quite happily. First the good news; she's house trained, not a cat chaser on guinea pig eater, has no interest in running away, answers to her name and is learning English super-quick. She can be left and doesn't bark, unlike Arthur who kicks off the minute you're out the front door. 
Now the bad news; she's a chewer. Casualties so far include a great pair of vintage shoes, the laundry basket, The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy (how poetic/ironic!) a Graham Greene, the leg of my easel and an ikea lamp. I didn't like the lamp so much and it already had a hole where Joe throw the telly remote at it once so she didn't get told off for that one.