We have come back home. Yes, we do live close enough to the sea, but there is something about our stretch of coast that is often too developed, often a bit too chichi, too close to home and too damn windy.
We've had one hell of a rollercoaster year so far and we all needed to deep breathe, so off we headed west to the much wilder Atlantic coast for some much needed unplugging. Set in Landaise Forest on the shores of Lac d'Aureilhan, a beautiful place

…and then you walked through a gateway over a bridge…
…into the most beautiful gardens, bursting with plants, secret pathways and vistas and to our utter delight, coypu that swam to the bridge to be given snacks.
It was just what we all needed; time to reflect, reconnect, renew and revive.

Pentax Spotmatic/Solaris 100