Monica has just put up a new post on 45N61W, our collaboration project. Not entirely successful this time round, but hey, that's the point of choosing film n'est pas? Serendipity; the element of chance; diving into the unknown; wonderful surprises and learning curves. All part of our lovely filmy universe. We forge ahead with Project 4; the fearless, undaunted and wiser pheonix(es) we are now. 


After the problems I've been having lately with my lab (still very peeved, actually) I decided to not risk it with my first ever efforts with slide film (yeah! I know! right! crazy!) so these were processed by a lab in England. Ma besta Melanie was just leaving after her annual stay at Ch√Ęteau Chaney, so I gave the film to her to drop off for me. Overall I'm much happier with these results, and I will use them again.
pentax spotmatic/kodak elitechrome100



I have been hitting the henna. 
I have been practising with the vintage Pentacon lens on my digital camera. 
I have realised better focussing was simply a case of moving the diopter for my left-eyedness. Duh. 
I wanted to steal this kitty.