14 Juillet

Scarlet buttons, and pale green disks,
Silver spirals and asterisks,
Peppered with mauve and ametheyst
Shoot and tremble in a mist

Along with around 700,000 others we sat last night on the banks of the Aude in Carcassonne. 14 July is Bastille Day and for that one day our relatively small and uncomplicated city is utterly mad as folk swarm here for one thing only. The firework display. Late at night the city gets plunged into darkness for the most magical spectacle in the most perfect setting; it felt momentous to be there.


  • Pentax MZ50 with dodgy winding on, set on autofocus
  • 10 years out-of-date colour film
  • under-exposed by two stops
  • film developed in b&w chemicals
Now that's what I meant about not having a goal, but just freewheeling with nothing specific in mind.
And it was damn good.
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