I love poking around in artist's studios. My dear friend Natalie Magnin is an incredibly talented textile artist, who lives with her sculptor husband, two very cute girls and rather a lot of cats and chickens. The other weekend we sat in her  garden sipping vervaine and she showed me the pieces she is working on with old found fabrics and paper, rust and natural dyes, shells and stitches for an upcoming exhibition starting this weekend. Her atelier is one of those that makes me drool like a labrador; flooded with light and space with a huge worktable and groaning shelves of goodies. I shot everything overexposed by one stop with an aperture of f2 or 2.8, sometimes defocussing to reflect the softness and ethereal nature of her art.
Pentax Spotmatic/Solaris 200



I mentioned a few days ago that I had taken some time off, and I took these back then. As ever, my blogging seem to always be out of alignment with my life. When I do finally get the time to scan and upload pictures, whatever it was I'd been talking about is lost in the mists. How do you lot manage it, eh? All the blogs I follow all seem to be far better organised than mine. I know many people schedule blog posts, even keep a little blogging diary and have a couple of weeks worth of posts tucked up their sleeves. Well, if you are one of those I also bet you where the kind of girl at school who probably did her homework and got picked for the netball team, while I was busy chatting or doodling.
All taken with Canon AE1 (still not too keen, maybe it will grow on me) and Fujifilm


seeing double #2

Monica and I have finally completed a new double exposure project, 'Nostalgia'. Above are a few pictures but the full set is up on fortyfivenorth-sixtyonewest, the blog that we share. Please do take a look, and tell us what you think!
And when your done with that, I have a new Shoot Film! post over on Indie Fixx if you're not sick of me by then.