that sunday morning feeling

These are the last from the roll of Kodak Gold 400. I really hated it…..too weak, too yellow, too lacking in ooomph and way to grainy for my taste. I'm never going to try it again…..what do you think, am I having an artistic hissy fit? Seriously?
Our home is a bit like a sanatorium here at the moment. A horrid kind of icky flu-like bug has swept through the family one by one, and I have finally given in to it. I'll try not to cough on you while you read this.
Anna Calvi has making me feel much better thank you.


seeing double

Monica and I met on flickr. In fact she was probably my first contact when I joined back in 2007. (Being Monica though, she's left and re-joined several times. She does this a lot in webworld, you get used to it)

In that time we've built a strong friendship, even though we've never met in the real world. Victoria in Canada and Aude in France are a bit too far from each other, especially when you are both starving artists. Ah well regular exchanges of art, buttons, strange packaging, recipes, camera film and other bits and bobs have flown back and forth across the Atlantic and North America regularly.

So a few months ago we hatched a plan to do a double exposure project. We chose the theme of water, I went first then rewound the film and sent it off to Monica, who re-shot.
Thing no 1. We are so bloody pleased with them we have set up a new blog to show them, along with our future collaborations we have planned. Welcome to fortyfivenorth-sixtyonewest. You can see the whole project over there
Thing no 2. Go and check out Monica's own blog too
Thing no 3. Do this project too!

Here's how to:

  • First off, get together with one of your blog/flickr/etc friends. One you share a creative outlook but not geography with.
  • The person going first needs to secure the film leader in some way in their camera. Either tape it securely to the take-up spool inside the camera or wind lots of masking tape round the film leader so it cannot rewind back into the canister. They also need to underexpose their shots, so if your film ISO is 100 set your camera to 200; if it's 200 set it to 400…….
  • Choose your theme, shoot. Rewind the film carefully and post off to person two.
  • Person two can shoot theirs at the film's ISO rating.
Oh Yeah! That's another thing you can't do with a digital camera!

Go take a look.
And just a quick reminder, workshops start this coming Monday, so if you still want to take part there is a little time left to register.


early one morning

that point when the sun melts the frost, and the world glistens.
I have decided I hate Kodak Gold 400, I had to do too much adjusting of these and for me that defeats the point of shooting film. I also think I will probably spend the rest of my life searching for the perfect camera/film combination.



I recently discovered the black and white photography of Jack Radcliffe. He takes incredibly intimate photographs of his subjects over a long period of time. I can get a bit squeamish about photography I find voyeuristic but Jack's is different, he tells peoples' life stories unsentimentally yet with empathy. You can see his portfolio here or on behance.
I have to rise to the challenge of taking photographs early in the morning for an upcoming event. It's no secret I am not a morning person….bleary and grumpy at best until the caffeine kicks in. I am astonished to learn what I have been missing; the long shadows and the veiled, pale light are beautiful. What is your favourite time of day?


dans la poterie

In France, you get the opportunity at around age 14 to spend a stage week; spending time on work experience. Milla was lucky enough to go to the atelier of Edith Guillemot. Edith is a hugely talented ceramicist and a very kind and helpful lady, who took a lot of time and trouble to teach Milla many things and she had a wonderful experience. 
Edith was also very patient with me snooping around, getting the legs of my tripod constantly in the way, oops.
Praktica PM3
I must just mention that I am part of the Poppytalk Handmade Market this month, many thanks to Jan and Earl. And for you my friends, I have set up a discount. Just enter 'poppytalk59' at the checkout to get 10% off.


in bloom, on film

The same blossoms, at the same time. Only these were captured with my old Praktica instead. I rest my case.
I hope spring is poking it's head out, wherever you are.