I find all places of any type of faith and worship very spiritual, calming and downright beautiful. 
The way the sunlight streamed through these stained glass windows was just fantastic.

I also love Nuns.

Pentax Spotmatic/Fujifilm Superia



Hello Sunshine

primroses, les couleurs acidulĂ©es, billowing washing, animals warming themselves……..and me and my little assistant sanding my sculptures outside.
Hello Sunshine ~ come into my life.

pentax spotmatic/fujifilm superia 200


walk out to winter

as I walk in the hills above my village, the world becomes garrigue; a mix of thyme, rosemary, lavender, broom and various other spiky and scrubby plants growing out of the very stony ground, dotted with crumbling ancient stone walls and shepherds' shelters.
Pentax Spotmatic/Kodak Gold 400



Well firstly I apologise for only just discovering Vivian Maier. Just in case you, like me, having been living under a rock for the last few months, VM's story is incredible. Mind you it has been hyped and retold and blogged to the Nth degree so I apologise again for slight bandwagon jumping, but amazing work they are nonetheless.

Reading the story, I remembered how my Man-Child and his friends used to hang out in a long-abandoned house in the city. One day he bought me home packets of photographs and negatives he had found there. Taken between the 40s and 60s, and all taken by the same photographer. So now I am inspired to scan some of these and share them on here.

Luckily for me the photographer wrote notes on the backs ~ the boat shots were taken in 1966 on Corsica, the bottom one here in Aude in '65.



All of these were taken last December with Baby at the funfair, with some really, really poxy expired film. I mean expired as in '97 expired, and it was called 'Color Club' for gawd's sake. But it did only cost me 20 cents so I'm not moaning!
Slowly, slowly I am working my way through scanning or re-scanning all of my film photographs from 2010. It's a gargantuan task, requiring much tea and carrot cake.
Take a look at these if you've got a bit of time.