the autumn vines and la fête du vin, Carcassonne. 
A nip in the air, fabulous skies and earlier nightfall. What better reason to light the woodburner and open a merlot? Mmm with a lovely le roitelet, please.
Oh and my yashica electro has died (boo) but I have just got a new camera from ebay (hooray) which I can't wait to arrive. One day I will find the perfect one, maybe this one will be it?


and I will get the hang of this new scanner soon if it kills me, I just can't seem to get the colours right.

and I recommend you go and look at Paula's beautiful film photography


life through glass

I can no longer put it off. The clocks have changed, evenings are short, light is becoming precious and facts must be faced. For the next few months, taking photographs will be less about vivid colour and brilliant light. It's hard for me to believe that it's really only been a year since I went in the new direction with my photography and turned analog. What an incredible journey I've had; trials and errors, joys and sorrows, new skills and ways of looking and thinking. And don't get me started on the amount of cameras I've somehow acquired in the past year!
But last winter I took hardly any photographs on film, as I assumed that low light and film were a bad mix. This year I will rise to the challenge gallantly. No more aforementioned vivid colour and brilliant light, let's talk about capturing muted colour, form and atmosphere. I still have so much to learn. 


works in progress

Since I got my excellent work space( I know it's a bit over enthusiastic to call it a studio) I've been like a new woman. Finally I have been able to start work on a series of sculptures that have been stored away for a months and months in my idea depository, inspired by wounds and bones. Yes, calm down, I know, they do look a bit genital.

I can't believe how much I am loving coming back to sculpture, I've been away for far too long.
This is just a little hors d'oeuvres of what I've been up to....they have to be ready for an exhibition in exactly 4 weeks time. Better get on with it then.



Measuring The Universe. Installation by Roman Ondák. Every year Toulouse holds Le Printemps de Septembre, a fantastic free contemporary art festival. Every one of us who found themselves at Les Abattoirs was measured and their name and the date added to the wall, an installation Ondák has created in many cities around the world, like this one in NY.


Whilst mooching around the city, still completely in love with Ernst Haas and his photographs of reflections in windows, j'ai rendu mon hommage.