(black eyed) angels

I may have mentioned before that I love Yashicas. I also may have mentioned a few weeks ago I snagged a Yashica TL Electro. It had been dropped from, I assume, a cross-atlantic plane onto the autoroute where it was hit by a truck after which crows picked it over. And then I got my hands on it.
Nothing to lose then.  I took it apart and fiddled, twiddled, tinkered, unscrewed, oops better screw that back up again, de-gunked, cleaned and oiled. The only bit I couldn't do anything with was the rubberised cloth shutter, which was a bit perished and fiddling with that is way beyond my bravery zone.
These are some of the first test shots I took with it, and I'm now feeling very smug. Shutter works fine, no light leaks or winding-on problems A working, free Yash. 
Yes thank you, very happy.