la mer

One of my greatest loves is the sea. 

I used to live by the rough and windswept Norfolk coast. I would lie in bed at night and hear the North Sea smashing against the cliffs; in high winter tides sometimes the house would shake. It is possibly the only non-human element I miss about England.

And then there are those crashing Atlantic breakers; a bodyboard, woops and thrills, unrestrained joy.

Since coming to live here I discovered a new joy. Under the water, floating, searching, chasing fishes, the dappled light patterns below and above, listening to my breath through the snorkel. 

How does a girl like me survive the next few months? Please don't tell me to find an indoor swimming pool........the idea alone fills me with dread.


summer's end

these are some of my favourite photographs from the last 3 months. Goodbye summer I'm going to miss you.

:::::as a side note:::::
I will not miss the flies, my constantly over-heating car, people wearing crocs or those who deliberately run over snakes.
so until next year...........

another reason to love film.....would the light be captured quite like this otherwise? No, I didn't think so......



from holiday, to school, to routine; a time of losses and gains


I have lost.........

precious time 
late nights 
a house full of noise, laughter & fun

and also
my favourite vintage hairclip on the beach at Le Lavandou (I blame my menfolk)

white inverted V shape on my feet, toffee-brown bodies with white swimming costume traces

another child to board at lycée, Monday-Friday

yet I have gained so much too.......

inspiration spilling over, new horizons 

A distaste for pastis, but a taste for cold white beer

another candle on my birthday cake

a brand new imac (expensive) and a Yashica TL Electro (free) proving yet again, the true value of something is not it's cost but the happiness it brings

exceptionally split ends, after a summer of snorkelling in salty seawater, evening lake dips and 2 months of driving continuously with all the car windows open

precious memories

pride as I watch my daughter take her first tentative steps into becoming a grown up. I wish so much that leaving our small village and studying art will make her blossom, and enrich her life as it has for her big brother. All I know is at 8am this morning she took that leap of faith, probably for the first time without me holding her hand.