not much words, just pictures

all taken with Olympus OM10 onto fujifilm 400 at the Limoux fecos, a kind of riot of masks and music that runs every weekend between January and March. 
cakes and cappuccinos (of course)


Little Room

The epiphany I've been waiting for has finally come. Simmering nicely on my mental stove for so long has been a need for change, and now I am ready to take the plunge. Yes folks, I've shut up shop on etsy. I realised that focussing on internet selling was not what I wanted. Then I realised also that after a year on etsy I'd made relatively few sales, 90% of which were prints. It's not for me I'm afraid. I want to continue to create original work, to push myself creatively in new directions, exploring all the different ways I can express myself. Quite honestly, worrying about etsy sales has denied me most of that. As someone very wise recently said to me, it is over-saturated and over-whelming, too competitive and can rob you of the confidence to just make work you are proud of. I know there are many happy sellers on there, I just wasn't one of them, and I really resented the amount of time it took up and the amount of time I have to spend on the internet instead of getting my hands dirty. Promoting, marketing, photographing and listing and re-listing, only to end up on page 32 within minutes. But hurrah, here's a sale! Yet by the time I've packaged and trotted off to the post office, paid my etsy and paypal fees, I've worked for about a euro an hour! Not good.

So I'm going back to what I love. Quite simply, making art. I will continue to grow and feel inspired and excited by what I am creating, instead of worrying if it will scan well or be popular, how many hearts I have or thinking the front page is the holy grail. It isn't. I was doing fine thank you etsy, before you came into my life and I will be just fine without you.

Well you're in your little room
And you're working on something good
But if it's really good
You're gonna need a bigger room
And when you're in the bigger room
You might not know what to do
You might have to think of
How you got started in your little room

So true, Jack. Thank you.