where the drifts get deeper

It seems as if most of Europe is being snowed on right now. Our electricity is a bit hit and miss at the moment too, so this will be the third time I've tried to write this post. It's getting much worse as the strong wind is making the (still falling) snow drift and it's deadly out there. We checked on our neighbours, little old ladies Suzanne and Margot this morning, but honestly these french paysannes are like brick shithouses! I think they quite relish it, as it reminds them of the good old days when life was simple. And because they've always known a tougher kind of life, they are well prepared, have plenty of logs (which they no doubt chop themselves) stockpiled food from their summer homegrown produce and plenty of handmedown knitted blankets to keep them warm.  They don't give two hoots about the internet or TV not working, unlike us.
Luckily we have a log burning stove and a propane gas cooker not to mention the fact I AM the Queen of Candleworld, so we'll be just fine too.

I just hate it.

(photos Olympus OM10 and Fujifilm)