Atlantic Coast

Have got back from our week's holiday, and I have to say, it was fan-bloody-tastic!

I know it's lovely where I live and don't get me wrong, I really do feel incredibly lucky to have landed here in such a place.......but......you really can't beat getting away from it all, having a complete change, a chance to recharge the old batteries and spend time horsing around.
Apart from family and friends (derr), about the only thing I miss about the UK is living by the ocean in Norfolk. I loved to walk the dogs on the beach early morning, to lie in bed in winter hearing it roar and smash into the cliffs...but I digress. Well it was just so great to smell the salty air again and although we are pretty close to the med, the atlantic wins hands down for sheer beauty and power. And we had the added bonus of camping in the middle of the pine forests, beautiful.
So we spent the week pretty much in the sea the whole time as body-boarding is just about the best fun possible. I tried so hard not to let out loud wooting noises everytime I caught a wave, but sorry to say, I could not contain myself!
So no nothing cultural, or worthy, or educational took place. I did manage to take tons of photos but mostly consumed lots of wine, did lots of shouting and ate lots of ice cream.
Can't wait to go again!

you can see more pics over on my flickr
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Joan Miro

One of the many cool things we got up to in the Dordogne was stumbling upon a great Miro exhibition. It was of 50 lithographs and aquatints he had made between 1960 and 1980. Bearing in mind that by this time he was a pretty old codger, the works were amazingingly fresh and youthful, and they show no signs of dating, they seem to transcend time.
It makes me feel very inspired to dig out my old mangle that is my makeshift printing press and get stuck in!