left-handed lament

Hello blogworld. This is now my 4th attempt at blogging. We'll see how long this one lasts!

I may be a cack-handed, ham-fisted southpaw but over the years I've learnt to cope, so using a computer mouse, a spoon or scissors is not a problem. Besides I'm in good company; David Bowie, Paul Klee, Jean Paul Gaultier, Kurt Cobain, Da Vinci, Bob Dylan, Bart Simpson, both Mozart and Beethoven, Gary Oldman, Michael Stipe.............
So they say often creative minds are left-handed, something to do with the right-hemisphere of your brain being dominant, apparently.
Well I met my match the other day. I needed to get some prints matted and and framed to be hung for a small exhibition in a local hotel, so off I went and bought frames, board and a bloody expensive mat cutter, which claimed to be 'for right-handed or left-handed users'. Snort! After a battle that lasted ages and involved me doing some very elaborate arm crossing like a air traffic controller, trying to hold everything down with my chin and elbows, I ended up losing with a cut thumb.

Eventually, with the help of a right-handed assistant, and a good glug of cold rosé, we managed to get them all done. And they don't look half bad!